Latest news

Version 1.0.47 released

  • If TLS was only enabled on the control channel (-Y 1), the STAT command would send its output as other directory listing commands, breaking the TLS stream. This has been fixed. Spotted by Carlo Cannas, thanks!
  • The system user _ftp can be used as an alternative to ftp for anonymous sessions.
  • Compatibility with libsodium > 1.0.12 was added (including minimal mode).
  • The prefix for Argon2-hashed passwords in LDAP has been changed to {argon2} (from {argon2i}). Ditto for MySQL and PostgreSQL: the authentication method is now called argon2 instead of argon2i, and includes both Argon2i and Argon2id.

Version 1.0.46 released

  • The server can now be linked against OpenSSL 1.1.x with the strict API.
  • Unmaintained contributions have been removed.
  • File globbing could take up to GLOB_TIMEOUT seconds (17 seconds by default) when matching some patterns, no matter what the configured recursion level was. This has been fixed, and upgrading is highly recommended. This was reported by Russ Cox, thanks!