Some open-source projects made by Frank DENIS.


A bridge between Qmail and the Sophos antivirus

The Qmail virus scanner (QScan) is a mail filter for Qmail that scans incoming messages using the Sophos Antivirus engine, immediately rejecting infected content.


Once the link from /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue to /usr/local/sbin/qscan has been created, the filter should be active.

Check that everything’s working by sending FROM A REMOTE MACHINE a mail with random content. The delivered mail should have a Received: header line with ‘qscan’ in its content.

Then, check the virus scanner by sending the traditional EICAR fake virus.

Your mail should be blocked, and additional info should be logged in /var/log/maillog (or wherever your syslog messages with the ‘mail’ facility are going to) .

To avoid useless MIME extraction and analys, Qscan will bypass all filters and directly replace itself with qmail-queue-old if: